Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Our preschool is committed to celebrating the uniqueness of each individual, actively engaging in our community, and showing God’s love in everything we do.

Our preschool embraces all children and families, values building meaningful relationships and nurtures academic, social and spiritual growth.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to: Celebrate Uniqueness, Foster Community and Show God’s Love

Our Values 

Uniqueness of Each Individual

  • Celebrate strengths of each individual
  • Support growth in any areas of need
  • Provide a developmentally appropriate program
  • Offer a hands-on engaging environment
  • Foster problem solving and critical thinking skills

Community (Relationships, Connection)

  • Develop trusting relationships through open communication.
  • Cultivate relationships on and off campus
  • Provide support for families and community through educational classes offered on campus
  • Connecting families with each other and with the community at large
  • Sharing resources

God’s Love

We believe God is love, grace and truth. We strive to model our interactions after his; to give of ourselves, to love each other, to offer grace consistently and live out his love each day.

  • Nurture empathy and kindness
  • Daily prayer during snack
  • Sharing of stories during holiday celebrations (Christmas & Easter)